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Hatha Yoga

Yoga literally means union or connection. The origins of Yoga have roots in tradition and tell us that body and breath are in absolute connection with the mind and psychosomatic state. Hatha means harmonization. It means that the practice of yoga (asanas) coordinates the movement with respiration and this implies the involvement of the mind. This cooperation of body, breathing and mind helps in the development of concentration both in the yoga practice and in everyday life, so valuable in our activities and also in our work.

 Yoga was created and developed thousands of years ago by inspired people. It needed effective exercises to maintain physical and mental health in a sedentary life (they remained in prolonged meditations). Today it helps us face the increasing pressure and anxiety of modern lifestyle. more>>


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Available also in English and Greek for sessions and small groups for:

 Sessions with: I.Kenis: are available private yoga lessons for beginners and experienced students. Meditation lessons private and in groups for Greeks and English speaking participants. Of course our programs are completely tailored to individual needs and capabilities. Just for a better understanding in yoga (telephone consultation at +30 6946034846 and +30 2106722371). "Yoga Home offers Home Yoga" Now there is the opportunity to come our yoga class in your area, in your place! The private lessons and sessions are mostly in our Yoga Center in Athens Greece as is most suitable. more>>

 Stress management. We recommend it because we have great results after the first session. Of course  yoga and stress are opposed meanings. more>>

 Free and "open" your breath: It is included in our yoga lessons done in our Yoga Center for breathing. The "Liberation and development of breathing" is ideal for any man who feels that his breathing is not as it was, for yoga students for all the levels. more>>   

 Available meditation lessons: more Guided Meditations and Meditations. more>>

 Guided Relaxation,Yoga Nidra and Self–Hypnosis. We have a big collection and a lot of creations and ways in this field of yoga. It is a different experience of deep relaxation, rejuvenation, stess managmend and insight. more>>

 In a series of classical yoga lessons it is our approach and our view of yoga lessons and sessions. The complete yoga lesson  is presented here:

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Our yoga lessons includes:

"from the simplest to the more challenging"

Yoga exercises (yoga asanas): Asana mean firm and relaxed body, breathing and ourselves. These qualities are cultivated with the asanas. They increase the strength of the body balanced with flexibility. It is a holistic system that works on the whole body from the smallest toe up to the top of the head. It affects the entire body, particularly the immune and nervous system. We respect our limits but with the assistance of breathing and concentration our limits expand without the use of force in the body. We feed mainly internal muscles (close to vital organs and bones). Creating ideal conditions for free yoga breathing (pranayama) .more>>

Yoga breathing exercises (pranayama): Each person breaths in an absolutely his own different, unique way. But what we share in common is how we restrict and cut our breathing. Stress makes our breathing shallow, fast, restricted, it cuts it. In yoga we practice  with deep, slow and renewed breathing. Yoga exercises (yoga asanas) done with awareness promote deep breathing. In a quiet and gentle way from very simple to the more challenging progressively increasing the capacity of the lungs, awakening and liberating areas of the body to improve the mobility of respiration. Breath is the main source for the renewal of energy and vitality we have. The distance between you and the magic of free breathing is very small. more>>  

 Guided relaxation (Yoga Nidra): It is the easiest way for the removal of stress from body and mind. It comes at the end of our programme and removes galactic acid (muscle fatigue) which can be created by the practice. This way you will feel relaxed and refreshed after the practice of yoga. more>>

At the end of the program: meditation: Those who wish may stay for a short meditation - concentration and awarenessmore>>


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