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I.Kenis is a qualified yoga teacher from IYTA (International Yoga Teachers Association).
He is the creator and author of the texts on his website:
He teaches yoga since 1988.

Since 1984 he has studied several systems in Spain, in Greece, mainly in India. His formal training has been completed based upon the teachings of the Swami Suvayotir (FUNDACION YOGA POR LA PAZ - Madrid 1987) student of Swami Devananda, official successor of Swami Sivanansda. Pupil of Swami Sivananda himself and Swami Satyananda Saraswati, under the guidance of Swami Saraswati he was initiated into Sivamurti Satyananda Yoga. He begins to teach because the "initiation" includes the techniques of yoga: Asanas - Pranayama - Yoga Nidra. He completed the Training of Teachers of Yoga (Satyananda Ashram - GREECE 1988) under the guidance of Swami Sivamurti Saraswati. Yoga as a self-medication by Robert Natzemy. He completed seminars and five-year seminar about "Self-Knowledge", which he guided himself. After some years of teaching yoga he is recognized as a teacher with the adequacy (an item that really never ends) to teach all levels of yoga and give teaching certificates from the open to all schools IYTA (International Yoga Teachers Association). After that, and many trips to India, he composed Insight Yoga. He came into contact with the spiritual wealth of B K S Iyengar including in particular the student of BKS Iyengar, Dharmavirsingh Mahida at "Yoga Academy" of Pune, India. Among other he combined Shiatsu with Reflexology. He conducted training courses in psychology which in their activities (for participants) introduced yoga and that were particularly interested in guided relaxation and yoga techniques.

I will add that I had the privilege to meet alive the Swami Vishnu Devananda (1927-1993) in conferences in Spain where I was fortunate enough to listen to him twice, the speaker talking in English and translated into Spanish.

The small but comprehensive meetings with Shribhasyam were in a closed circle (as usual). The advanced techniques that he gave us was the confirmation on Yoga and Pranayama.


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