Weekly Yoga Classes: cycles "Yoga for every body." Ideal for new to yoga and the advanced students also, as a new experience. It is amazing how yoga fits and is suitable for any type and body shape, physical energy or mental condition. Contact HERE and more>>     


NEWS: Yoga in Athens offers: An exceptional offer for only 20 euros and three weekly meetings for Meditation a cycle of three courses of one hour each for the right foundation for meditation. A special offer in the crisis we are going through. The courses include 1) Positions for Meditation which have to be stable and comfortable and all the devices needed for this 2) Relaxation in Meditation without fluctuation in intensity, relaxation is a requirement to enter the state of meditation whatever meditation we do. 3) Breath in Meditation is a main point of concentration. These three essential meetings close with a game in meditation. This is an opportunity for any beginner and not only for him who has no contact with meditation. Of course later on there can follow meditation sessions on a regular basis. Apply and ask questions by phone: +30 2106722371 & +30 6946034846
These lessons are in greek with a possibility of english if there is some interest from participants for this same offer (08/02/12).

 In these  lessons will continue on Thursdays from 6.00h to 7.30 pm. Threse yoga lessons are an opportunity for new to yoga to start with. Also meditation lessons and private lessons are available. information HERE and mail: more>>      

Private lessons: Ioannis Kenis  offers yoga private and meditation lessons  for both beginners and advanced students. Obviously the programs are completely tailored to individual needs and capabilities. Just for a better understanding in yoga (telephone consultation at +302106722371 and +30 6946034846). "Yoga Home offers Home Yoga"  Now there is the opportunity to bring our yoga class in your area and place! Contact HERE and more>>

Courses and Sessions yoga (Hatha Yoga) and Meditation for new to yoga and advanced students by I.Kenis.


Course and sessions of Guided Relaxation, Yoga Nidra and Self-hypnosis for stess management. This system of deep - deep relaxation is beneficial on many levels especially for the removal of physical and mental tension and stress. The relaxation of yoga is the way to deal with the complications of stress and tension. One hour of relaxation - self-hypnosis corresponds to 4 hours of sleep! You will see for yourself. Come to the yoga classes and always do a little relaxation at the end of the yoga program. Everyone feels renewed after our yoga class. Contact HERE  more>>

Free and "open" your breath: This is done at the yoga lessons in our Yoga Center in Athens Greece. To free and develop breath is ideal for everyone who feels that his breath is not what it used to be, as an introduction to Pranayama for yoga students at all levels.Contact and more>>

Open and optimize your breath with the guidance of I.Kenis


The Breath of Truth (Energy Body Work - Pulsation): It is done only under personal guidance in a session. We find your own pulsations and we synchronize them. In different areas in the body there is blocked energy that does not flow and elsewhere there is lack of energy so we  balance them and we free the data which are built in the body so that they come out the open. It is a procedure of deep cleansing where most of the times we are using just breathing. Recommended particularly for those who gather all energy in the head or are too brain-minded. Contact and information:


Meditation: Za Zen (silent sitting):  It is easier to practice this meditation in a group. Tune with us. We offer groups and meditation lessons. Often after relaxation at the end of the yoga lesson, we stay for meditation. This yoga gives mental and physical health. It is known that meditation improves your ability to concentrate and gives awareness as does yoga. Specific meditation gives clarity in thinking, inner peace, makes us concentrate on the fixed point within us when all around us run. It is clear that it gives us so many benefits we hardly expect from meditation and yoga. Contact  more>>

I.Kenis yoga and meditation teacher

Contact and information HERE and mail: 

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