Self-acceptance                                                                                                                                   Yoga and stress does not exist

To get rid of self-criticism and to develop self-esteem and self-acceptance.                                    There are a number of self-hypnosis - Meditation - Relaxation made to boost                                 self-esteem and confidence



  We live not only one but many atypical bifurcations. We ask and require more and more of us like to turn into machines and not humans. The worst thing is that this seems natural. We think so it really needs, conditions, standards, models. So expectations are born, many of reach expectations. We strive to approach the standards. Can be staged, exists as long, unrealized, donors but, if not closer, we hope, so we operate. Perhaps so maybe not. Maybe it's the attachment to the result. Our tendency to be anxious, anxious for our effectiveness at work, something that looks natural and like it's the only way to have success. The problem is, we say, is that our fault that we are not working properly. The body, the mind, our operations, however, do not agree and react. Stress is natural, after all we all pretty much have. Perhaps the anxiety creates and strange physical symptoms. There is a gap in what we aim and what we live in reality. In yoga, we believe that the result of the work of the future, not the present. Dealing with us our future weakens the only time we can work and act is now. In yoga we are always seeking to stand firm in the present moment, to stand firm on this. The body and the breath is in the present. Not yesterday or tomorrow breathe, breathe right now. Otherwise there will be reading this now. Our body is here, can not be elsewhere, another time, in yesterday or tomorrow. Our mind is but at the same time in the past or the future. The problems created by this division. Anxiety about the future. In yoga we bring unity. Come to mind and the reality is this. Meditation, breathing, yoga classes, all our programs cultivate this quality to come to reality that is the only real time that is now. For a more dynamic, happy and creative conscious life.

Stress the complications it creates, shakes the faith that we have about ourselves, our self-esteem or self-made and self-condemnation. With yoga we increase confidence and self-esteem. Yoga is another work that we put in our program, even a job to work best. It is the oil that we put in a machine to work better. Yoga is a process of self-awareness, unity, integration as means etymologically the word Yoga: unity connection. Unity of the body with the mind and the breath or better body - mind - soul. Faces yoga and stress because stress does not exist. Yoga is awareness, tension, stress and anxiety is uncontrollable, involuntary situations without awareness. Fortunately yoga is awareness, it may be necessary and meditation, it is certain that needs self-hypnosis and relaxation. We follow this line to develop "self-acceptance" in our Yoga Center for subjects relaxation sessions and our yoga classes. More on stress and anxiety>>
     I.Kenis yoga  and meditation teacher

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