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Sessions for your natural breathing

 Free and "open" your breath! It is a particularly useful session to improve our breathing. The process to improve the breathing can be taught in the sessions and the yoga lessons. In our Yoga Center in Athens Greece our intention is with every breath to deepen the Pranayama and rediscover our natural breathing. Yoga asanas are focusing on breathing. All refer to the rate of breathing. In the course of a lifetime we run continuously and reduce our breathing. It is a valuable source of renewal, clarity, vitality, energy that we have. In this particular session for liberating our breath you can make the first step towards opening up our breathing. This line we draw in our yoga classes and this is a valuable tool in personal meetings. It is an ideal way to deal with stress. Stress affects breathing and breathing techniques can appease anxiety. The relationship is interactive. Because the unconscious limiting devices has often perhaps serious complications, we are making this offer directly, as an open course from our website for help. It is the first step towards the liberalization and opening devices. The "Liberation and Development of Breathing" ideal for any man who feels that breathing is not as it was for students of yoga for all levels.

Yoga - Breathing -Techniques for Anxiety and Stress

 It is very favorable especially for the anxiety and intensity of the liberalization process of breathing. Stress and tension restrict breathing. The connection of breath and anxiety is bidirectional. The breath can appease our anxiety and tension. We learn to breathe deep and long. The yoga techniques help to do this easily. You will immediately feel the change from the first session. We suggest you come to yoga classes because of the breathing remaining focused on complex variations of the yoga postures (yoga asanas) by breathing steadily. We learn to breathe in all the movements and postures of yoga and learn to breathe in all the circumstances of life, respectively. As we are accustomed to breathe freely in the daily yoga classes so we learn to do the same in  life events. To check the situation as we do not control the situation ourselves. If you can not get the lessons on an ongoing basis then do the session. There is a personal yoga and meditation to promote free breathing 

Pranayama in Yoga Lessons

Yoga breathing (Pranayama): Breath is like a fingerprint. Every man breathes in his own way. Adjusted automatically according to our activities and mood. But what we have in common,  is how we limit and cut our breath. For example stress makes shallow, hasty, poor breath, it cuts it. We do not use all the muscles associated with breathing. By practicing yoga  we take rich, deep and long breaths. This is important because our breathing is the main and most easily accessible source of energy, strength, clarity and renewal that we have. According to the tradition of yoga breathing is a key institution of Prana (Prana = bio-energy) and techniques to enhance and balance the Prana called Pranayama. Thus those who practice yoga become aware of their breathing. Each yoga exercise (yoga-asana) is supported by its own respiration. But it is also an autonomous part of a yoga program where we give more emphasis on liberalization. We increase, balance the breath and release it from the subconscious strains that limit it. In this way we create an ideal environment for its release, a strong and flexible body by the balanced yoga exercises (yoga-asanas) that have preceded in our yoga classes. More>>

* Pranayama: The "Energy Yoga" which is usually associated with breath - prana-in particular, energy or bioenergy. Breathing is a basic fuelling for our bodies with bioenergy (prana). The Pranayama practice  include: Free Yoga Breath, the glottal Breath (Ujjayi Pranayama), Viloma Pranayama and Alternating breathing (Nadi Sodhana Pranayama) as a guide. The Pranayama practice  is done almost always in every yoga class in the courses we do in our Yoga Center in Athens Greece firmly in our practice. For more questions contact us directly. To see how to integrate Pranayama in our yoga lesson go: HERE>>

Pranayama and Natural Breathing

 In yoga practice it does not make sense to do Pranayama and restrict our breathing. We must always practice with slow and deep breathing. Ancient texts of Pranayama say we do not use the entire capacity of the lungs, so we use two-thirds of their capacity. What capacity? Free breathing! Natural breathing! They say that Buddha was Enlightened simply by watching the breath of the by all means natural free breathing. We simply give our breath space for it to be able to move freely. That is what we do in our yoga classes and sessions also relaxation and meditation lessons with us.

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