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Now it is possible to get the fame our yoga program and lesson in your area at your home!


We always support the effort to engage people who come to us, except for courses that we teach in our Yoga Center in Athens Greece, to practice yoga themselves at home every day. In that way they have more direct and quick results and yoga is very generous to them. Usually this happens after a few lessons after they have experienced the benefits which give them an incentive to consolidate their practice In busy times that we live most of us need the dynamic of yoga to support us. Once we get rid of excessive expectations and ambitions, and after discussing together with you we create a realistic, flexible time personnal program (a necessary short one and a more complete one).

A yoga program one can practice at home alone does not replace the experience one gets in an organized center or with a teacher. Our groups have few members and these courses are like a private lesson. It is easier to do your practice with others. It motivates us to move on with our practice and continue at home by ourselves. Private lessons have their advantages. Many of the lessons we give in our Yoga Center are private. Often there is a need for personal supervision. Timetables may not be adapted to the groups that are formed. Someone may be too advanced and there may not really exist a group at this level. But our life is today more than ever relentless, time is hopelessly limited and valuable. The need for the support of yoga is more vital than ever. Yoga can support us. Today we can convey in full the program we can offer in a center with an organized infrastructure in every home. We want to see how people who come to us have obvious results and improvement. Many people do not have the opportunity to come in an aknowledged center. Previously we had doubts as to yoga being practiced only at home and we were a little reluctant to recommend it and also reluctant when we were offered it. A special area for yoga has the infrastructure and in particular some props. Today access to these props is easy. Now we can go into any house without downgrading our program. Now we do not hesitate and so do not hesitate yourself, we can start yoga at your place in your home. Contact us:

I.Kenis yoga and meditation teacher

 Contact and information HERE & MAIL: info@yogainathens.g


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