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After the need that arised for a special guided relaxation group we started in a pilot way, at the Yoga Center in Athens Greece just before the turn of the year. There have generally been done at our Center in the northern suburbs Sessions of : Guided Relaxation, Yoga Nidra and Self-Hypnosis The sessions are not always easy for everyone. The course-workshop of relaxation is accessible to all. For more about these courses go to: HERE. Most of the themes of relaxation are the creations of guided meditations, a unique experience of total renewal for body, spirit and mind. This creates the paradox that while apparently we are not trying and just relax, we renew and fill with energy. Stress and tension are not only squeezing the breath, they also squeeze the body. With Guided Relaxation and meditation, body and breath are released and opened. Through the relaxation of the body and the mind, our energy finds the opportunity to reconstruct and regulate itself. Normally as a criterion for any choice we need after a yoga class to feel that the body is dissolved, that it is loosened, that we have a better standing position or that our breath "opens". The program ends with a yoga relaxation and therefore we should feel refreshed rather than exhausted. Now the same as in the past there exists a separate section from the course of yoga dedicated to the Guided Relaxation. In this lesson workshop we can develop Self-Hypnosis and there is also a preference for Yoga Nidra. One lesson - one hour workshop is a break to the hectic pace of life. It will help us relieve the tension and anxiety in which we live. For a complete renovation and reconstruction, to restore our energy situation and the relationship we have with it ourselves. The same as in the past, there is always the possibility for small meetings of Guided Relaxation or Yoga Nidra or Self-Hypnosis. Contact us HERE

You will find HERE the complete program for the Lessons workshops for the Guided Relaxation for full renovation. On this page we give you the basic directions and the subjects and techniques for this workshop on Guided Relaxation and Meditation:

  • Relaxation of the Breath: When breath is relaxed the entire body relaxes. Relaxation helps the body, the breath and the mind. See also the Self-Hypnosis - Relaxation: "THE WAVES OF BREATH." more>>

  • Positions and attitudes of Relaxation - Savasana: Tradition, alternatives, props and support. To spread the awareness in posture, breath and mind.

  • Yoga Nidra: a method of relaxation structured by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. Somewhat altered by us it solves the emotional, mental - spiritual, physical tension and the awareness takes new dimensions. Join the "dimension" of full relaxation: Yoga Nidra. As a relaxation technique Yoga Nidra is a deep relaxation technique and simultaneously it introduces us easily to meditation. more>>

  • Relaxation for Stress: Relaxation of yoga with stress situations and concepts are opposite! Difference in intensity and nuances of relaxation. How-stressed are we? more>>

  • Pranayama (yogic breath technique) and relaxation: from the tradition of yoga specific techniques associated with breath bring us to our inner core where anxiety and stress have no place. more>>

  • Therapeutic Relaxation: Every man has a personal story. Some of the events of that life may not be very pleasant. We can rewrite our personal history as we would like it to be and have lived it. With Therapeutic Relaxation we will rewrite this personal history (only in session).
    Rich Topics in Relaxation Self-Hypnosis.

  • Tibetan Music Mugs: It exceeds relaxation, their vibration introduces us to meditation (Dhiana). Their vibration permeates the entire body and as the vibration decreases worries and bad thoughts vanish. Then the body or the mind find the opportunity to reconstruct. From the tradition of Tibetan meditation.

  • Relaxation and Yoga: In yoga classes, we almost always close the session with a relaxation limited to the time confines of a course, now that in this workshop we have all the time. Now we have the opportunity to go to such depths within us for a full relaxation and renewal where everything is connected: relaxation, self-hypnosis, yoga and meditation. We will learn how we can be vigilant and act calmly without stress.
    Meditation: Meditation beyond its techniques, schools and classifications is the real and absolute relaxation. Relaxation is also done in meditation and sessions. more>>

    I.Kenis yoga and meditation teacher

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