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Yoga Relaxation

Personal Relaxtion

The session last 1 hour

Workshop - Relaxation Lessons


This process of Personal Relaxation, Yoga Nidra and Self-Hypnosis is possible to do in your place. In this session of Guided Relaxation we eliminate of tension and anxiety can even learn to relax ourselves to manage it and not weaken our anxiety.

It is an experience of deep relaxation as we need. Sometimes we think we relax and simply varying the tension and anxiety as varying the intensity of the music. It's a different experience guided deep relaxation. We have many ways to get levels and feel deep relaxation in our whole body and mind. Then the energy balance in us increases and returns to where he had denied it. With the help and guidance where it goes our mind goes and our energy. Through the deep relaxation finds its chance your body and mind and reorganisations. These levels do not enter deep relaxation, there can be no anxiety, tension or stress. If you like (!) after the end of the relaxation takes over with you again.

We can go and beyond. Through the deeper relaxation there is the "censor" between the conscious and the subconscious mind. This enables us to get positive thinking, positive projections in the subconscious and talk to "the language of dreams." It is the language we get our positive messages deep into the subconscious. Often runs counter to the deliberate desire because our subconscious mind works automatically with another repetitive mechanical way bejavioural, pattern restricts us. The effect of relaxation with positive thinking go too deep within us to be able to rid us of these stereotyped behaviours  (pattern). Then the relaxation becomes the instrument of a single therapeutic transformation.

The Guided Relaxation, personal Self-Hypnosis and Yoga Nidra tailored to your needs and searching. They estimate that one hour relaxation corresponds to four hours of sleep. Strange as it seems and you will find out for yourself. For this we all feel refreshed after a yoga class that includes almost always end in a co-ordinated easing in Workshop  - Lesson - Relaxation

 Workshop - Lesson Relaxation

It is possible to watch the new class of guided relaxation has been as a program separate from the yoga lesson in group. Moreover, as we lead several times with great success in summer courses of psychology that put them in a general program such as guided relaxation afternoon.     

What have happened to the summer seminars - conferences our calling and we have to break their work is guided relaxation request and the proposal to create a team - where course will be a unique Guided Relaxation, Yoga Nidra or Self-Hypnosis. In the course the truth is that we somehow limit the time when we do the relaxation of yoga. Now this group is different. Is it possible to pass levels and get into deep relaxation so that we need. The renewal will feel a unique experience. We have seen several times. Some improvements have made some life must be due to the practice of guided relaxation. People pay us and we confirm this. It is understood that the tension and reduce our anxiety. The relaxation of yoga shows us another way to act with composure. Learn and nervous system to react more calmly. The anxiety is panic but fortunately there is a guided relaxation and yoga course physical aids. This group will learn to not be as vulnerable to events and situations that we create stress. We will learn the technique for relaxation and other ways to manage stress and how it is done without our guidance. The group takes an hour. It is a unique experience of relaxation and renewal, the response of yoga to address the various problems that create stress and tension. It is no coincidence that this method of yoga have used so and so, without saying how they have taken and the source. But we have yoga integrated technique. Get to know the state of deep relaxation. More on the Lesson - Workshop with Guided Relaxation HERE Contact us for more information:

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